Thursday, May 19, 2011

Painting Background Pages for St. Joseph's Home for Children

A few weeks ago some friends (Wenda, Sandi & Roxi) came over and we painted background pages for journals we are making for the St. Joseph's Home for Children. These kids are aged into their teens and they requested journals. Many of them are brought to the home with nothing but the clothes are their backs. Since we are an art group, we are making them journals. Here we are doing the backgrounds to be glued on the books. We're using red rosin paper that is gessoed for thickness. Red rosin paper is the paper that painters lay on your floor when they're painting a room. The texture of the paper is great! There's also a picture below of the paper glued onto the book. We're going to add more embellishments and art work to it. We're making about 50 of them.

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