Thursday, April 28, 2011

Visual Journaling

I've always wanted to have a visual journal -- one that involves artwork and journaling -- not so much feelings and "dear diary" type things, but just some art and maybe some notes of things that may have happened that day. Here's my first page. I'm learning to draw -- not great at it yet, but trying.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just changing the words...

This video really struck me. It's worth watching.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Discovery of Liquitex String Gel!

My sister ReNae and I met today for lunch conveniently near Dick Blick in Edina and I bought some Liquitex String Gel. I had watched a video (can't remember which one) and they used it for drawing scrolls, words, etc., in their collage. Here's a video that shows how it can be used along with Liquitex Pouring Medium, which isn't something I was totally interested in right now. Enjoy! I'll try to post some work I've done with it. Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Springtime Gifts for Clients!

This is a little gift I'll be taking to my clients reminding them that Spring is here and so am I! Nice to show my face at their offices, so it gives me an excuse to go there. The tag says, "Spring is Here". Call us when business starts b(l)ooming!" My logo is the color image at the lower part of the tag.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Collage Work

Below I have posted a video from Julie Prichard of The Land of Lost Luggage. She and Chris Cozen do wonderful online classes! I took one from them recently, and below is the result of my collage with them. I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to win free classes for life! They are great teachers and go step by step, so no way you can't produce something great. They have many classes for you to choose from. Check them out at the site listed as one of my favorites.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

TCDAG Getaway 2011

The weekend of March 18, 19, 20 was our annual Getaway weekend with my art group, Twin Cities Decorative Painters. My friend Sandi and I hosted the event with all kinds of goodies for everyone. There were 27 of us and we all stayed at the hotel in White Bear Lake and had four classes continually running for the weekend. We also had a trade show, where members rented tables and sold their wood, jewelry, and other goodies.

The theme this year was "Shabby Chic" and we had an art challenge on an 8X8 mirror and asked them to embellish, paint, etc. Here's a table full of them:

These are the books we gave everyone once they arrived. We incorporated lace, buttons, etc., for the covers made out of placemats. The pages in the book were left blank so members could use them for whatever they want.

Also, inside the book, we made pockets with napkins that came with the placemats and inserted a small book that had the schedule, pictures of the classes they had signed up for, and other information.

On Saturday night, they were each given a handmade candle (I made all the candles). They were set at their places for dinner.

And last, but not least, here are the name badges we made. I crocheted the little flowers in the left corner and then we glue a silk flower to the middle.

Here's a picture of the class that I taught. It's on a 9X12 canvas and we created lots of texture with a product called Frescolina (much like molding paste). We also made a medallion out of clay and baked it. Then we used Sophisticated Finisheds by Modern Options for the rusty look. Lastly, the flowers were painted on top of the background paper, which was a piece of sheet music for "Come Rain or Come Shine." It was great fun.

There were other give-aways too, but these were the main items. Everyone had a great time and the classes were great. I love planning get-togethers like this and we worked on this creatively and physically for about 9 months and it all came out great!

Jewelry with Antique Brooch

I recently took a class with Deryn Mentock (The Build Zone) and here's a picture of a necklace I made with an antique brooch. It's great fun and they are never going to fall apart!

The second picture is a close-up of the clasp. It is a small rhinestone clasp that had three spots for gluing beads in it. I've worn this a couple of times and have received compliments from strangers, so that says a lot!

Lucy and Ethel March 3, 2011

Here's a recent picture of Lucy and Ethel. Lucy is the one tilting her head. I love it when they do that! They were just groomed and looked so pretty!